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am‑cor Kit Pricing


Here we cover estimating construction costs. Our goal is to keep things simple, but also give customers enough knowledge to understand what is a decidedly murky subject.

TCHC: Total Construction Hard Cost

If you use the am‑cor System to construct your building, you will save money and time:

  • constructing your shell
  • pouring your floor slabs
  • installing insulation
  • installing services (electrical, plumbing, AV, etc.)
  • no requirement for sprinkler systems
  • overall schedule & management
  • and more.

You won't necessarily save time/money on related aspects of construction, such as installing fancy kitchen countertops, or siteworks. To keep things simple, we like to talk about Total Construction Hard Cost (TCHC).


  • TCHC = $$ required for constructing your building on a prepared site, so you can get a CO (Certificate of Occupancy)
Total Construction Hard Cost: Hard cost of constructing a finished building. Includes material & labor for construction and enclosure of the building shell: foundations, structure, finishes, services, insulation, basic trim, fixtures and cabinetry. Does not include costs indirectly associated with construction of the building, such as: siteworks, contractor overheads, utility hookups, taxes, permits, fees, etc.

    General Estimates

    The table below gives approximate, estimated Total Construction Hard Costs for am-cor construction of various building types in the USA.
    TCHC Estimates
    Management Type
    one-off (contracted)multiple (contracted)one-off (DIY)
    Last Updated 2011-02
    Building Type
    residential (single family)$87/sq.ft$66/sq.ft$71/sq.ft
    residential (multi family)$75/sq.ft$65/sq.ft
    residential (affordable)$76/sq.ft$57/sq.ft
    commercial (built-out)$66/sq.ft$60/sq.ft
    open commercial
    (warm & dark)
    open industrial$37/sq.ft.

    NB: The TCHC estimates above include the am-cor Kit. They are national (USA) averages of different designs & specifications in different regions, using different contractors, based on figures from our project history. Your costs may be higher or lower, depending on your design, quantity, specification, regional labor & material rates, choice of contractors, etc.

    To get a rough estimate of the TCHC for your project using the am-cor System, use this general formula:
    • (Floor plan area) x (# of floors) x TCHC rate = TCHC Estimate
    For example, let's say you hire a contractor to build the 1-story, 1000 sq.ft. The Mille Moden, with a very basic specification: just enough to get a CO (Certificate of Occupancy). Let's use the formula above:
    • (1000 sq.ft.) x (1 floor) x ($85/sq.ft) = $85,000
    So, your contracted am-cor home, using standard mid-range interior finishes, is estimated to have a Total Construction Hard Cost of US $85,000.
    This includes cost of subcontractors to perform excavation, concrete ground floor slab, and service installations.  This estimate does not include siteworks or project overhead costs.  It is a national average, and may be higher or lower, depending on your site location.

    If you're outside the USA, the estimates above won't apply to you (your savings may be even greater).

    It's tough in the construction industry to compare apples with apples: numbers can vary dramatically, depending on what's included and what's not. Please contact us, and we'll help estimate construction in your region.


    We can help you with general budgeting for your project. Please provide, via email or snail mail:

    • your contact information
    • general project overview
    • number of units, estimated construction date
    • dimensioned sketches or drawings
    • other pertinent site information
    • applicable Options, or environmental or green material concerns

    Once we know the above, we'll send you an interactive Budget sheet, so you can get an idea of your TCHC.

    If you are interested in using, modifying, or creating an architectural design to turn into an am-cor Kit, please check out our Designs section.


    Price estimates issued are FOB Culpeper, VA, USA (shipping not included) and in US Dollars ($).

    am-cor inc. can arrange shipping as a courtesy to the customer.

    Estimates for and Custom Kits vary with the design type, structure, and region of each project. All figures are approximate, time-sensitive, and non-binding. Factors that effect cost include:

    • local labor and materials
    • cost of transportation
    • site issues (accessibility, drainage, slope, local ordinances, etc.),
    • fluctuating raw material costs, etc.
    Kit Contents describes what's included in your am-cor Kit.

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