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The FerroFacility 1000

Entry level Ferrocement am‑cor Kit production

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The FerroFacility 1000
Ferrofacility 01

am‑cor FerroFacilities are production centers which manufacture building Kits using the patented am‑cor Ferrocement System. The am‑cor Unified Steel and Cement™ construction system is a unibody, disaster-resistant, durable & sustainable, minimal-maintenance building system. am‑cor Ferrocement building Kits are fast, economical, and easy to manufacture in am‑cor FerroFacilities. These building Kits are transported to the construction site, where they are quickly and inexpensively assembled into disaster-resistant, durable & sustainable, minimal-maintenance Ferrocement building shells.

Each FerroFacility is a customized, turnkey production package, ready to produce am‐cor Kits. Material & services include:

  • Modern am-cor FerroFacility production center
  • End-to-end construction, project management, and plant setup
  • Shipping: CIF to local port of entry
  • Off-grid renewable energy equipment
  • Site assembly & Interior finishes
  • Production & design equipment & machinery
  • Training Programs: Production, design, and field assembly staff
  • Factory-floor production management

The am‑cor FerroFacility is a modern marvel: each plant is a solar powered, off-grid, carbon-negative facility, using renewable energy to produce sustainable, affordable homes & buildings. All FerroFacilities are intelligently managed via internet cloud adminstration & management. They utilize energy-saving domotics and adapt to rapidly changing weather, market, and local events. Furthermore, FerroFacilities and can be built and operate in areas with little to no existing infrastructure.

FerroFacility Specs

  • Assembly Lines: 1 line, 1 shift (3 possible shifts)
  • FerroFacility Building Area: 4060 m2 (43,050 sq.ft.)
  • Avg. Building Kit Area Produced per shift per year: 100,000 m2 (1,076,400 sq.ft.)
  • Avg. Building Panel Area Produced per shift per year: 500,000 m2 (538,200 sq.ft.)
  • Building Kit Building Types Produced: All Types (residential, commercial, etc.)
  • Estimated FerroFacility Package Cost: US $13,750,000
  • Estimated Annual Net Operating Profit: 30% ROI
  • Estimated New Direct Employment: 280 Jobs
  • Material Required for Kit Production: Galvanized carbon steel coil, amcorite Ferrocement additive
  • Material Required for Kit Assembly: Portland cement, sand & water (locally supplied)

Carbon Negative Zero‐Energy Production

  • Off‐grid operation (no electrical/water hookup required)
  • Solar generated power & hot water
  • Wind & geothermal (where applicable)
  • Energy‐saving domotics & smart grids
  • Rainwater catchment
  • Composting toilets (no infrastructure required)
  • Green walls
  • Sustainable plant design & management
am‑cor inc.
Ferrocement building Kit

Macdonald Architecture & Technology
MTO: Made To Order
Standard 20'/40' Flat bed, van or container
Usually ships in 2 weeks
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Standard Features
All Kits come standard with the following design:
Custom Features
These may be added as customizations to any Kit:
  • Tornado-resistance
  • Flood-resistance
  • Floorplan modifications
  • Door/window adjustments
  • Wall height changes
  • Roof pitch/peak changes
Check out custom Kit Designs, and then contact us with your requirements!
All Kits are prefabricated with industrial-grade materials:
  • Structural galvanized cold formed light gauge steel
  • Structural galvanized expanded Carbon steel
  • amcorite™ structural Ferrocement additive
  • Chromium-plated fasteners
  • See Kit Contents for details
All Kits include Professional services:
  • On-site Field Representative Kit assembly tutorial & crew instruction
  • Steel panel and frame design in coordination with architect or project engineer
  • Sealed drawings of structural frame for building permit submission
  • Coordination with local code authority to expedite approval
  • Illustrated Field Manual detailing shell assembly
  • See Kit Contents for details
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